Certification Class

Makeup City is a makeup school with industry working professional instructors, cutting edge techniques and affordable short term hands on makeup classes. We prepare our students for a career as professional makeup artists.

Makeup City goes beyond basics to bring you the pro approach to makeup. The benefits of taking Makeup City courses are immediate and long lasting!  Makeup techniques are introduced and refined. Classes are available for beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

You don’t need to break the bank, you just need to be educated right.  We strongly encourage community  and a heart that stays teachable. Once you have taken a Makeup City Certification Class, you are always welcome to come back & continued education for free! We WANT to see you grow . The makeup industry is ALWAYS changing and so must your hand…. But First you must be rooted in the history , art and culture of being a makeup artist!

For questions or concerns, please use our contact page and select “Certification Class” in the subject area.  Please note that these classes are not to further your personal makeup use.  They are geared for the person who wants a career in Makeup.

Voted Best Makeup Class 2011, 2012 & 2013 (By Makeup Artist Network of CA)

If you have always wanted a career in makeup,then this makeup course is perfect for you. This class builds fundamentals, knowledge and the confidence to start your own career!

  • The building and set up of a professional kit.
  • How to identify structures and skin tones of the face.
  • How to correctly highlight and contour. How to apply lip and cheek color.
  • You will also learn the proper care and use of professional brushes.
  • How to apply eye shadow, eyeliners and false lashes.
  • You will also learn the importance of time management.

 Each student will receive Certification upon completion of each course.

We work side by side to build the most affordable Pro Kits.  Makeup City has access to all major wholesale accounts in cosmetics. Once we have determined what is needed in your personal kit, we work with you to build the best kit for your needs. It’s not just another “put together kit,” it’s personal!

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